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LYKKE Driftwood Crochet Hooks

  • $14.00 CAD

Lykke, pronounced ‘lee-kuh,’ is the Norwegian word for ‘happiness.’ On the heels of the ever popular knitting Needle lines, comes the crochet hook!

Lykke Driftwood crochet hooks are made from solid birch—no composite or laminate wood- light, smooth and sturdy for effortless work!  Also, awesome for small Tunisian projects!! 

Available in US Sizes:
D3 (3.25mm) 
E-4 (3.5mm)
F-5 (3.75mm)
G-6 (4mm)
7 (4.5mm)
H-8 (5mm)
I-9 (5.5mm)
J-10 (6mm)
K-10 ½ (6.5mm)
10.75 (7mm)
L-11 (8mm)
M-13 (9mm)
N15 (10mm)
P16 (11.5mm)
17 (12.75mm)